Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moto Nisto #4

In the last week before I left for Born-Free, things were at full-on crunch-mode over here at the Horse World Headquarters... E-man and Hammer left for their westward trek, and I had quite a few pages to fill in the issue before I got the green light to split for the coast... With 4 pages open for a bike feature, I hit up Motoguru hoping for a hot tip on a local bike I could shoot, and he came through big. Thanks again man!

With the tip from Motoguru, I hit up Marcel for an evening of shredding the streets of Detroit. We got some great riding shots ripping around the old race track section of Belle Isle, and then headed deep into the city for the detail shots.

We stopped over at my girlfriend Kelly's studio space to get the detail shots, and let me just say these are some of my favorite photos i've taken around here... Oh, and this isn't the only cafe/race inspired bike in the issue either... #111 is a real doozie, so go get your mittens on one today! 


  1. Rad bike! Jordan, email me for that helmet thing.

  2. Waiting patiently for my copy of #111 to show... Hoping it includes a surprise for me... Something like a badass Honda with 3

  3. Yes, there is a three wheeled contraption in there for sure....!!!

  4. Marcel's bikes are aways bitchin.
    Did you see motonisto #6 ?

  5. You rock Jordan! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  6. #6 is the XS, so yeah you saw it! glad i could help out the cause!