Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Party on a Sportster

We just wrapped up the finishing touches (for now) on Kelly's Sporty Spice, and just in time for the long road, too. We leave 6 days from now to go log 1,800 miles through some of the best riding this side of the Mississippi. Super duper excited about that!

Big thanks to all that helped bring this mile-eating, odometer busting, highway haulin' "girl's bike" to life, like the gang at LowBrow for the hook up on the Zed bars, Voodoo for the metal mashing on the tank, Fulton Fred for the helmet paint job, Chop Doc's for the glossy black on the tins, and last but not least thanks to my Pop's shop North Bay Marine for all the motor work turning a mild mannered 883 into a fire breathing 1200 that can do wheelies and eat small children. See you all out on the road.

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