Friday, May 3, 2013

do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

"Built this bike out of 2 bikes confiscated out here in Afghanistan, the first one was ridden up to a vehicle check point by a suicide bomber and it failed to detonate…EOD tore the wiring harness out and the frame was screwed.  The other donor was a drug bike that an insurgent was using to try to out run US forces.  The motor was fried.  We took the two and chopped them up to make one cool little “suicide bobber” we call her our “Helmand” Davidson.  (Helmand is the province we Marines are responsible for out here in Afghanistan).  It’s basically a Chinese knock off of a Honda CB 125.  We chopped the shocks and plasma cut the springs to make seat springs, the head light is a casing off of a military DC 10 bulldozer, the struts were made out of tent poles..everything that wasn’t needed to make her faster was ripped off and it has been up to 65 MPH so it runs strong.  I miss my Bikes at home and this makes my third tour out here since 2009 (33 months in country) a little bit more bearable…


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