Thursday, November 8, 2012

Backtalk Revisited

"I bought this stock (pretty much) from Sportie Specialties in Fullerton, Ca. (home of Fender guitar). I did all the work in an Anaheim cul-de-sac using a semi truck for an air compressor and throwing welding leads under a fence at night after a truck terminal manager would go home.
It's my skateboard hauler. I park it at the bottom of a hill then hitchhike with my board to the top then sk8 to my bike. I'm 52 and this keeps me feeling young. Hope you read, Thanks, you have the best biker/chopper mag! -Steve Barham"

1 comment:

  1. Cool! And this is the main reason why I love Mods, among other bikes. The bike can be made to perfectly fit to the needs, lifestyle, and personality of the rider. And here, I think the owner is one active dude. The skateboard hauler is proof of that. :)

    -->Claudio Mccarty