Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stampede Fools

Here are some photos by El Nomad that are going in his article on the Stampede for issue 123 of everyone who placed in this year's Stampede. My hat goes off to each and every one of these guys (and girl!) I got to meet and hang out with a bunch of them at this year's smoke out, and let me tell you, they are every bit as crazy and insane as you'd think they would be. Interesting to see all their bikes lined up like this too, such a variety in size and style.

Two of my favorite bikes go to Syrus for being just a crazy small dirt bike looking thing that I wouldn't want to take out of my backyard let along across the country, and Dennis's Sporty, that thing just has the stance nailed... Oh, and he got the Leper award this year for his bike quite literally falling apart on him during his ride, but you'll have to wait and read all the details about it in Charlie's article in issue 123!!!

Congrats again guys and gal!

1st place, Adam

2nd place, El Nomad

3rd place, Cy

4th place, Ray Cop

 5th place, Buck

6th place, Jim

7th place, Friesz

8th place, Valarde

9th place, Chris

 10th place, Frank

10th place, Syrus

11th place, mr Miyagi

11th place, Mrs. Miyagi

12th place, Pete D2T

13th, ace

14th, Frankie

15th place, Beardo

15th place, Chad

15h place, Kent

15th, Ryan

15th, Speedo

16th, Safety Officer

17th place, Jay

17th, Juan

18th, Ted

19th, Dennis

20th, Richard

21st place, Fuzzy

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  1. I keep seein mrs. miyagi in the horse n i say she is frick'n awsome! whats that 2 stampedes for her now? when my ol lady grows up shes gonna be just like her haha