Friday, August 24, 2012

(((((Freewheelin' Fridays, Pt. 7 - To Kill A Man...)))))

You've been riding through the blistering heat of the Mojave desert all day. The scorching air at 100 mph has turned your face into lizard skin. The motor between your legs is almost as worn out and tired as you are. You pull off the lonely two-lane road and into an old cowboy bar, the kind that is filled with smoke and cuss words. As you find a stool and belly up to the bar, you barely muster the energy needed to grumble out to the barmaid, "I'd kill a man for some ice cold beers right now."

Inspired by the old hand painted signs that used to dominate the two lane highways, this light box pays homage to my favorite bit of bar room bedizenment, illuminated signage pushing beer and the pursuit of a good time. Hand painted black acrylic on a sheet of polycarbonate, bound by a light weight corrugated plastic box and lit by a perimeter of tucked away rope lights, this beauty is durable, reliable, and weighing in just under 5 pounds, won't tear the nails out of the wall when you go to hang her up.

She measures 12" wide by 24" tall and 2" deep. Would look great hanging in any real MAN's garage or bar room. The  first 150$ will put her in the mail and send her on her way today. Interested parties contact, will ship anywhere around the globe. Thanks again for looking, and enjoy the weekend!!!

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