Friday, August 17, 2012

(((((Freewheelin' Fridays, Pt. 6)))))

It seems like forever ago when I painted this one. Unlike most of my work, I did not take the original photo for this painting, although I wish like hell I did. It has to be my all time favorite surfin' the bike photo, period. It just fuckin' ruuuuuuuuules!

Most times you see a picture of a guy surfin' his bike, it either falls in one of two categories. First category being, it is crystal clear and shot by a pro photographer and the guy is just coastin' along with ease making it look like a walk in the park, the shot if perfectly framed, and everything is just easy breezy no big deal. These are sort of rare, but they exist.

The other category, which unfortunately is far too common, is a photo of a guy surfing a bike that is about 50 feet away, the picture isn't framed all that great, maybe it was taken with an camera phone, and aside from the cool factor of the guy surfin' the bike, the photo is mainly rubbish. Cool move, no doubt, but nailing the photo can be as hard as surfin' the bike.

But this photo here, this one right here, is just so different from any surfin' pic i've ever seen. Its a little bit of both, sort of shitty and rushed, but also perfect in that un-perfect way. You actually get a sense of how fucking scary this move can be, because it looks like at any moment, dude could loose his balance and take out him and and his old lady, AND the poor sap taking the photo. To me, it just perfectly captures how dangerous--extremely dangerous-- the move is, but somehow is just rewarding enough to give it a try (for some!) Also great (but obviously great) things about this photo that I feel like pointing out right now, is that the bike is badddd as fuuuuuuck, and you know the ole' lady on the back is a keeper if she can sit through that kind of maneuver...!!!

Anyways, I did this piece about a week after finishing Leggy Blonde, which was about two years ago now. You see, Leggy Blonde took me nearly an eternity to finish, because she was so detailed and I really, really took my time with it. But with this painting, I wanted to start it after dinner and be done with it before I went to bed. Wanted the painting to reflect the rushed and hurried feeling you get from looking at the picture.

Right when I finished it, I knew it was my favorite painting yet. It was just so simple, but came across exactly how I had planned. It's been hanging in my kitchen for nearly 2 and a half years now, and I've sworn up and down that i'd never sell it, but if someone wants to make an offer I can't refuse, well then I guess i'd just have to reconsider. I forget exactly the dimensions on it, but i'd say roughly 4 and a half feet by 3 feet. Its the perfect size, really.

Anyways, hope ya'll get a kick out of it, because I fuckin' love this thing! Interested parties drop me a line at

Happy Freewheelin' Friday!

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