Thursday, August 23, 2012

Backtalk Revisited-- The Whizzer Wizard

It seems so rare now-a-days to get any backtalk submission in the mail, which is probably a good thing, because it would be a huge pain in the neck to have to scan photos and re-type every letter for every single bike submitted in to backtalk. In fact, I actually removed our mailing address from the "submit your bike" portion of the backtalk pages and replaced it with the backtalk e-mail maybe 3 or 4 issues ago? Either way, we work almost 100% in a digital world over here at the magazine, so every once in a while it is refreshing to get a chance to peal away from the screen and hold a sheet of paper that someone spent some time scratching their thoughts all over. Something about the mail submissions just set them apart from everything else we come across. It's usually stuff from people so far out there that they don't even have an e-mail address, which is awesome by the way.

Anyways, this fellow took the time to sit down and write out a great hand written note, mostly in cursive, but some parts in standard script, or in all caps to really get the point across, which I love, about how much time and energy he put into building up this little motor and putting it in a crazy bike contraption thing that took him two years or something like that to build and that tops out at 50 mph. Also, did you know that they just recently stopped teaching cursive in grade school to kids? Anyway, enjoy the note.

(click the letter to make it larger)

Got some original artwork or nearly illegible letters to share? Send em' our way in the snail mail:

51089 Milano Drive
Macomb, MI

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