Monday, July 16, 2012

Outer Space

This is Cy. 

I do believe we're featuring his BSA stampede bike in in the latest issue. Its a real pile, and the dude has ridden it everywhere. This year he ran the Stampede on some turd of an 80's inline 4 bike, but fuck he made it, and i believe he even took 3rd place or something?

 Anyways, i'm convinced he had the best T-shirt on at the whole smoke out, and just minutes after I took this photo as proof of that, he came rolling back to up tell me that there's a guy who has a big dog type chopper thing with a paint job just like his shirt! I had to see it...

In reality, the paint job didn't even hold a candle to the T-shirt, but its got me thinking about my next paint job... space themed intergalactic sky scenes... wave of the future? I sure hope so.

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