Monday, July 30, 2012

Backtalk Revisited

Got this one in the Backtalk inbox a little while ago and have been meaning to put it up here. Crazy engineering on that bike and an amazing will from one man to get himself back on the road again. Here's to you, Tyler!

"Good day, I'm Tyler Deith from Canada, and here is my freshly built wheelchair accessible Harley reverse trike. After spending 10 years or more on my ass due to a mishap on a motorcycle, I've poured a decades worth of dreams and ideas into this one awesome trike. There is very little available commercially that fit my needs. First thing being that I need a fully accessible ride, which means no transferring in and out of my chair. It makes sense that when I get there, wherever "there" is, i'll need my chair there too. My research showed that two wheels up front is far more stable than two in the rear. The over all layout was done using masking tape on the floor. This lead to the making of a large I-beam jig that held the pieces in place and allowed me to rotate the assembly as it went together. The purchase of a tube bender, lathe, milling machine, mig welder and the help of a few excellent friends made the build possible. It is equipped with a 1990 80 C.I. Evolution, push button electric Pingel shifter and a Baker 5 speed with reverse. I can drive it right from my chair and it takes only seconds to wheel in and out. This is the only bike of its kind on the planet. Hope you dig it, -Tyler Deith."

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