Friday, April 13, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

About two years ago this time, my girl Kelly bought her first motorcycle. Picked it up from a well intentioned pudgy guy who made a point to highlight in the craigslist posting that he "rides it in shorts all the time", which, quite honestly was the selling point for us. Scooped her up for well under the KBB value, and we haven't stopped messing around with it since.

In the two short year's she's owned the Street Rocker, she's logged around 30,000 miles on the little 535 motor, including two rides out to Sturgis, a ride out to New Jersey, and a boogie down the Outter Banks of NC. While its not a proper "chopper", it doesn't really matter-- the fun-to-dollars ratio on this thing has been outstanding.

Last Wednesday, Kelly came across a screamin' deal on an Evo Sportster. Needless to say, we pulled the trigger and now the ol' Virago is up for sale. I gave her the all star treatment last night, full detailing job and glamour shots included. Here's two of my favorite from the night...

Maybe its a bit overkill for a craigslist posting picture, but I don't care. We had fun with this scoot, and I can't wait to start in on the next one.  (On a side note, what is with guys taking photos of bikes for sale while the bike is still crammed away in the corner of the garage with an inch of dust on it with the lights off and the camera out of focus and they don't include the whole bike in the picture and you're not sure if they're selling the piece of crap bike or the kid's hoola-hoops in the background?!)

At any rate, so long Street Rocker, hello Evo Sporty. This is gonna be fun...

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