Friday, April 13, 2012

(((((Freewheelin' Fridays, Pt. 2)))))

At my first Smoke Out, I was posted up shooting the mini bike races when I spotted this jolly fellow.

871V9E on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Shortly after getting back home, I went through my photos and it dawned on me how awesome this guy is. Everything about this photo is right. Flip flops, check. Fu manchu, check. Overalls, check. Circus like proportions of a big guy on a little bike, extra check. It was all there! Something about the guy just screamed "I don't give a fuck, i'm just here to party" which I think deep down is all we really want. So, naturally, I decided to paint it. Went something like this.

I really dug doing the texture on the overalls. Painting fabric is always a bit of a trip.

I finished this guy just before we went to print, and we had a free space in the magazine open, so I snuck it in there. I must admit I was a little bit nervous the guy would see it and be mad, or upset, or pumped, or something I just wasn't quite sure. 

Well sure enough, about a week or two after the mag hit shelves, I got a call at the office from his wife! And she loved it! And wanted to buy it as a surprise for his upcoming birthday and hang it on their wall. Needless to say, I was pumped. Another happy customer. Probably one of my favorite paintings, too.