Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Header for March

Featuring Josh's totally rad Ironhead. I snapped this picture when he was passing by me on the Revenge Run at an incredible rate of speed. I looked at the photo later that day and it was a pretty crummy shot from what I could see, it was a bit blurry, the colors were washed out, but that thumbs up... That thumbs up is alllllll that counts. Priceless! I do believe there might be a full feature on this baby coming soon to issue #119 shot by my good buddy Wes possibly?! How exciting! Happy March (7 days late) and welcome back spring!


  1. Im digging the header, not that its one of the coolest dudes in norfolk i get to ride with from time to time. But because that shit is real....I vote this should be the next cover for the mag.. show girls on show bikes just don't do it for me. That should be left to easy rider and them other mags that SUCK...just saying

  2. this bike should definitely be featured in the magazine, especially if wes gets to shoot it

    1. Been working on the shoot. more or less finished, now sorting through and hoping I'll have time to get the slides in as well. We shall see! But Josh and I are both looking forward to it. He was telling me about the photo you snapped Jordan, said he was probably going about 100. Smiled as he told me haha. And thanks ^