Thursday, February 9, 2012

Backtalk Revisited

Let me just say, i've really enjoyed editing backtalk for the past few months. I get to come in each morning and pour over emails from people all around the world showing me photos of their bikes. The spectrum of rides I get to see each and every day is a real treat, and I get a kick out of being able to pick out my favorite ones and share them with all of you.

The best is when bikes get picked out of backtalk for full features in the mag. Just recently, I asked a few guys who sent their stuff in for backtalk, to send in more photos for a full feature. Its that kind of stuff that gets me through the winter blues, getting so stoked on other peoples builds and then sharing it with the world.

But every once in a while, you get some real outlier e-mails... I almost felt back about this, but then I thumbed through some of the early Horse mags back when we would print "coon-tail" bikes, outright ridiculing some of the atrocities that could be found en mass during the height of the OCC styled turd era, and then I didn't feel so bad. Shit, all I'm doing here is showing how this guy set himself up! Couldn't help myself, cracked me right up!

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