Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pedal Power

Too cold to ride motorcycles, but never too cold to ride bicycles.

Gotta keep moving, this winter is making me stir crazy. Hopped on the ole' 10 speed the other day for a spin down Hamilton road in Highland park. I've ridden down it many times on a motorcycle, but seeing it up and close on man power was something else.

My favorite mural in all of Detroit (well, Highland park, technically, but it's all one and the same...) Boys Blouses, Shirts & Playsuits for REAL BOYS, from Morn' till Night! Of all the blown out buildings in Detroit, this has to be the only one not covered in some way shape or form with graffiti. This mural is older than old, and it makes me happy to know that people out there at least has the decency to leave this piece of history alone. I will shoot a motorcycle in front of this building someday, mark my words!

Made it out to Belle Isle even with Evan doing some extreme nature climbing. I left with the muddiest shoes ever, it was a mess.

Gotta keep sane somehow! 

Back to your regularly scheduled motorcycling programing starting tomorrow...

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