Monday, January 9, 2012

Full of Fire

This past Saturday, I finally got around to attending the annual Detroit X-mas Tree Burning. Its been going on for over 50 years and takes place the first weekend after New Years in an old park on the edge of Detroit. Over 400 old trees were sacrificed, some with ornaments and tinsel still on them. Trucks were pulling up with trailers full of old trees, and everyone was encouraged to give a tree a toss.

After a few Busch Beers, I was chucking em' in full force with super power strength-- those fuckers are NOT light! The real trick was to get the tip light on fire first, hold it up "Statue of Liberty" style, then give it a good chuck to the middle of the pile (as seen in the second half of my video clip.)

 If you messed up and didn't light the tree properly, or if it rolled down the pile off to the side, the crowd might give a hardy "booo!", but if you succeded in your skillfull lighting of the tree and tossing, the place erupted. It was amazing.

Oh, and not a single cop car or fire truck showed up.... Only in Detroit! Here's a shaky video I took--Enjoy!

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