Monday, January 31, 2011

"Les Miller's XS650"

Jack writes...

"Hey Horse Backstreet Choppers!!! Just picked up issue #106 and on pages 90-91 you have a cool 78 XS650 pictured, "Mad Max" by Les Miller.

I've got a 78 XS650 (picked it up for $100 complete and running!) in the front room of my trailer that I just pulled the motor out of and am getting ready to chop the frame up for a hard tail. After seeing the Mad Max bike, I want to do something similar to mine as I like the look and especially the fact that he only has about $600 into it.

I've been searching the net all morning and the 650 chopper sites but couldn't find any more pics of that bike, just wanted to know if you guys had anymore photos of the bike or if this guy has a link to a website with more pics, that would be awesome.

Thanks for your time and keep up the awesome job on the mag, it's the only bike mag I will purchase because you guys keep it real!

From snow frozen South Dakota,

Joe Zulker

Here ya go Joe!

More pictures and the rest of the story can be found in issue 106, on news stands right now!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo shootin'

I shot this set over the summer for our 2011 calendar. Unfortunately, the calendars have long since sold out, but i'll be throwing some extra shots up here on the blog as winter drags on... Enjoy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Here comes asshole"

Took this photo at last year's smoke out

I heard he ran over someone's foot and broke it too. At least he's giving you fair warning.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


If you've picked up our current issue that's on stands right now, #106, you'll see a feature I shot under the the name "Rubber Band XS." It's towards the back.

The young lady posing for the day brought only a handful of outfits, and every one of em' involved a thong of sorts.

Now I ain't complainin (at all!) but we can't show a thong clad behind in the rag... so I figured i'd post em up here!

Here's every shot I wanted to use, butt couldnt. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming soon...

Two weekends ago, I had my buddy Brandon bring down his "Sweet Tang" Triumph chop to shoot for our issue #107 cover. He was to leave Traverse City in the morning and arrive in Detroit around noon, a solid 4+ hour drive on a nice day.

I was in charge of getting all the detail and bike shots that friday, and then the next day E-man and Hammer would shoot the bike with the model.

As fate would have it, the Midwest received a pretty decent down pour of snow that friday, slowing highway speeds for an old Jeep Cherokee pulling a janky trailer behind it to a 45 mph crawl.

Brandon and his buddy Ivan rolled up to my house around 9p.m, and I hoped in his Jeep. We drove around the burbs searching for a decent location... In my mind, I had pictured shooting in daylight with the Detroit skyline as a backdrop. Sunsets, eroding buildings, dramatic natural lighting... but it was now night time, and anything I had previously planned was thrown out the window.

We pulled into an industrial complex on the border of the city, dragged the bike out of the trailer, gave it a good wipe down, and I started shooting. The first few shots looked like this;


I was using a new technique I had never tried before, and these first few shots were not very re-assuring.

But, by the end of the shoot I think I got the hang of it.

Thats more like it!

After three freezing hours, we grubbed up on some much needed Mexican food and played a few rounds of Chopper fridge back at my place.

The next day, we shot with the Model over at our World Headquarters. I'll save those teaser shots for another post, but let's just say they turned out stunning....

After we called it a wrap on the second day of shooting, Brandon fired up Orange Tang in one kick and did some laps for the camera in the below freezing temps. This thing rips!

You'll be able to catch the rest of the photos and details on this bike in 107 when it hits news stands mid February. Keep yer eyes peeled, its gonna be a good one!

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Letters to the editor"

Dig on this drawing. 

The girls all look crazy and shit, i love it! 

Sent in by Rob

Friday, January 21, 2011

Black line

E-man was out in New York scopin' the new HD bike they were unveiling today. Here's what he sent to my inbox this morning...

"Here is a shot of the new HD. For a softail, it's not that bad. 

lowest ever seat height... 24" Lightest softie, under 15K MSRP two piece bars etc."

 I can dig on that front end!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Letters to the editors"

Back when I started working for The Horse, there seemed to be a lot of mail coming in for the editors.

I'm talking letters and envelopes containing actual photos and sometimes handwritten tech sheets and barely legible stories. We still get lots of mail, but now-a-days it seems to be all in an electronic "inbox".

I still love opening up a letter and seeing old photographs or somebody's badass drawing, and I try to hang on to the stuff that catches my eye. I'm always blown away by the dedication I see  to this magazine, our readers are awesome!

 A while back, I opened two letters one morning, one from the cornfields of the mid-west, and one from somewhere way back up in the woods (I've long since lost the envelopes in which they came in, so names and exact locations have escaped my memory.)

Our farm girl is on the left posing for our "Pin-up of the Month" page, and our good ol' boy is on the right showin' off his fresh Charlie Horse ink.

Over the next few week's, i'll be dishing up some more of these paper submissions and posting em' up here. I invite you guys out there to keep sending actual stuff in the mail, and if its cool, i'll throw it up here.

(On a side note, if you're trying to send me photos of your bike for a magazine submission, keep sendin' that shit in digitally... bike features aren't so cool when they're on a 3x5 Wallgreens print.)

Alright, now get busy!

Jordan Z.
51089 Milano drive
Macomb MI,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GTP's new ad

At the start of winter, George the Painter had a rare visit to the metro Detroit area. I offered to put him up in my travelin' hobo's abode for a night, and while there we decided to get creative.

George had been buggin' me for a couple weeks about making a new ad for him. He kept talking about how he was basically stripping down his life back to the main ingredents: painting and motorcycle riding. I thought the ad should reflect that thought process-- no bullshit, just simple design and a bare bones look.

Well, maybe we got a little too "creative", because at the time, these drawings/photos looked great! Now I look back and sorta laugh, because c'mon... Its GTP holdin' a nurf gun, writing out his new advertisement on a dry erase board...

While it may not be the most eye catching advertisement you've seen in decades, it was a fun night, and I promise you George I'll come up with something a little less... half baked?  Anyways, thought you guys may enjoy some of the out takes.

Aaaaand the finished product.

A truly polished turd!
I'll get you something "professional" in there soon George, hang tight.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New blog header

I've long since been a big fan of the Horse logo. Its classic; the wide glide front end, the tall apes, fat bob tanks, its all there... However, I have also long since wondered what Charlie Horse would look like atop a different sled.

A while back I sent an e-mail to Jon Towle, the guy who originally drew our Horse logo (and all of our caption contest stuff) about possibly drawing Charlie on a long bike. I gave him a few key ingreedents i wanted to see, i.e. long springer, tall seat, wassell tank etc. and he just took it from there. I've got to say, i'm pretty into this drawing.

There's even talk of putting this guy on a T-shirt here in the near future, so keep yer eyes peeled!

"So please put it in"

Sean sends this in...

"Love your mag. That's Jessie my wife she would kick my ass if y'all put that pic in there. So please put it in"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arm and a Leg

Went scouting locations yesterday for our Cover shoot this saturday...

Found this Jem of a warehouse in the city. Its called the Russell Industrial center, and it was where pretty much all the chassis were built for all of the car companies from the early 1920's clear on through the end of the 30's. A good amount of Henry Ford's Model T's started life on this very floor....

Only bummer thing is that they wanted an arm and a leg to let us shoot up there... whoda thunk it? an old dilapidated warehouse long since put out of use is pulling in buckets of money for one day of shooting. I guess they just shot Eminem on this floor for his Rolling Stone spread not too long ago.

While we won't be using this specific location, we did find an equally awesome old Toy warehouse on the city's north side. It no longer houses toy's but its a great space with some amazing wood accents and architecture. Keep yer' eyes peeled for a sneak peak next week when we get back. See ya'll Monday.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beer Pooch

snapped this at the Smoke Out last year... amazing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Issue #106

Issue 106 just hit our desks. Here's the run down on what we've got in store...

Cover looks good!

This here is "Broc's Kawi" built by Broc in Arizona, shot by Dawn Rosa Cole. The photos for this feature turned out really bad ass, Dawn know's a thing or two about camera's and picture taking. What's so special about the bike, you may ask? Well, the dude used a 1981 Kawasaki CSR 305 motor, which was only made from 1981 to 1982, and most parts, factory or aftermarket, are almost non existent. Its an interesting read, and there's a hot blonde in there too (but you'll have to look at the mag to see her)

Doug continues his trip through the Middle East aboard his ridge Shovelhead bobber. And you thought you were hot shit ridin' out to Sturgis... Here we see him broken down somewhere in Armenia? these dudes are helping him lift his bike into the back of a cattle truck loaded with cow shit and piss to drive him to the nearest town in hopes of... well you'll just have to read it yourself.

Brew dude shows the proper way in which to mount your take. Take notes!

Amature Chop Off updates start this issue! This particular update is my favorite, because you get to see how much of a pile of shit everyone is starting out with!

Here's the seat on the "Brit Different" Triumph. Its nuts!

Here's a shot I took back in Bike Week 2010. You may not be able to tell, but its the cover bike for this issue. It has since undergone some changes that you'll surely want to read up on in our new issue. P.s. It took best in show that day too! At Willies!

Not only do we have an Amature Chop-off, but a Pro Chop-off too! except this one is limited to 3 shops, and the results are usually a little more polished (although not always!) Here is a bike featured in this issue built by Ricky Lewis of Violent Choppers, also a Pro Chop-off guy.

Dan R gets knees deep in re-building the 1924 Indian scout that Hammer handed over to him. This thing gives me a headache just looking at it!

I wanted to use this shot soo badly in the mag, but unfortuantly we can't show shots of butts in thongs. I know, its a travisty, but at least I can use it here. I shot this scoot over the summer for our calendar, and it turned out so good that we decided to run it in the mag. While you can't see more shots of her bum in the rag, you will get to see the whole of this bike, which is nothing short of perfect. (But don't worry, there will be more shots of her up on this blog later on.)

Here's a "bike show winner" from our Smoke Out. Its a total "junk yard" build, as the owner Les puts it. Everything was ripped off from something else. Thought it was interesting to see this XS in contrast to the one that comes before it. A world of possibilities!

And Fab Keving shows us how perfect axleplate and single downtube neck's are casted at Hardtail Choppers's headquarters.

Also not shown;
Back talk featuring not a single "OCC" looking bike
Ted Arsen with a down and dirty swing arm Shovel,
E-man on Cafe Racers
Hammer on Knucks
GTP on the beauty of a good belt drive
Nurse Nut shoots a 300$ deathtrap Honda chop
updates on our Trike Project
A Chopper Underground bike
XsSpeed shoots an Injun!
A memorial for Dragon
Richie Pan Artwork
a swing arm Pan thats "built to Last" by Gennaro
Tom Johnson on ignitions and the like
An exceptional "Tattoo Corner"
A sneak peek into Baker's newest project... and its not a transmission
Charlie the Nomad on Cabin Fever
Brass Balls build update
Fab Kevin on eyebrow modifications
and much much more!

Hot Damn thats a whole lotta chopper content filled into one issue! Over 11 bike features, 4 editorials, 3 tech articles, and 1 travel story from riding through the Iraqi country side...

Go grab an issue for yourself today! Same price its ever been and always will be, just 5.99.

Monday, January 10, 2011

random Horse sighting

E-man pointed this out over on our forums... thought it was pretty neat.

Around the 19 second mark of the video, check out the mags on the top left shelf of the news stand... see any familiar titles? its easier to see in full screen mode, and oh yea, Its in Yellow!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cover Shootin'

We've got a cover shoot to do this weekend.

Typically how it goes is Hammer and E-man will take care of the shootin-the-pretty-girl-on-the-bike part of the deal (which is saturday), and i'll take over shooting-the-bike and it's details portion of the deal (tomorrow.) Not a bad deal at all.

I'll be trudging all around Detroit tomorrow shootin' this thing in the snow, should look pretty cool if i can pull off what I'm thinkin' in my head... we shall see!

I'm not going to give away too much on this scoot, but I will say that it's a triumph, and it has one of the baddest paint jobs i've seen on a bike in a while. The dude who's bike it is, Brandon, spared no expense on this thing and it shows. Here's just a taste of what's goin' on.

p.s. we also shot this bike back in the summer for our calendar (thats where this shot if from) so if you were lucky enough to snag a calendar before they all sold out, you'll get a sneak peak of what's in store for issue 107's cover bike.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

first day on the job

My first day on the job was at this cover shoot for issue #91, and it was amazing.

Eric Gorges was the main guy shooting that day, so I just sort of shot from over his shoulder. When he took a break, I hopped right up to deck and snapped away.

She was spilling out of her outfits in so many ways, its was insane. I think she showed up with her entire wardrobe for the day bundled up in the palm of her hand. A few thongs, some string bikini tops, and some fishnet body suit that had two holes; one for her head and one for her crotch. Awesome!

At one point, her ta-ta's were showing from behind her tiny bikini top, and I asked Hammer if we should stop and tell her to stuff em' back in... he said not to bother.

total amazonian!

The bike was built by Eric Barnett. He even raced this thing in the Stampede last year taking 8th place I believe? 3000+ miles in just a handfull of hours... The dudes legit. Solid welder, inventive fabricator, all around good guy.

It was a good first day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slim's Van

Which I guess isn't Slim's Van anymore... when I took this picture at BF2, he was talking to me about how some guy made him an offer that Slim just couldn't refuse, so now its gone somewhere and I can't remember to whom... But I heard it does pretty mean wheelies!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I love getting e-mails like this...

I have submitted phots b4 to your magazine. I am an avid reader as well as a rider. I would love to have photos published in The Horse.
Thank you for your consideration in advance.

Cool jeans!