Monday, December 12, 2011

wouldn't ya know it....

In the past two years when I rode out to Born-Free, I was lucky enough to know somebody in the L.A. area that I could stay with. That city is huge, busy, expensive, confusing, and quite overwhelming to navigate on foot or two wheels. I can't imagine enjoying that place half as much as I did without somebody showing me all the fun parts. Lucky for me, my friend out there is Tommy O'Rourke.

Other than being the older brother of one of my good friends, the only tie that binds us is that he bought my first motorcycle off me almost 8 years ago. I don't ever get to really see him that much, other than the 3 days of the year that I'm in L.A., but when I do visit, he treats me like family.

Tommy's been busting his tail in Hollywood, preforming in an improv group, working for Universal Studios, and appearing in random commercials here and there. He may not be 'famous' (yet!), but he's making a living doing what he loves to do, and thats what its all about.

Well just the other day, someone posted this video on our BackTalk forum, and what do you know... the first guy you see riding the motorcycle is Tommy! Couldn't help but to think he is a perfect fit for this commercial... He's funny, he can ride, AND he drives a Jetta in real life! Anyways, enjoy the clip (can't get enough of him riding into that lake...bwhahaha!)

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