Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wide Glidin'

It seems the majority of people enjoy riding their motorcycles in 80 degree weather with a cut off t-shirt on. Not me. I thrive in the fall chill. Long johns and gauntlet gloves are more my scene. Bundling up at this time of the year can be a real art form, strategically placing each layer to maximize retaining body heat, all the while seeing just how far you can push back old man winter from ruining your good time. Its days like these when I enjoy getting lost in the corn fields just north of our offices, passing farmers stands selling pumpkins and generally avoiding the headache that is metro Detroit traffic.

I love riding in Detroit, and I go there often to get lost in its wide open and empty streets, but the buffer zone between the city limits and where the cornfields rule the land is pure hell. Hardly anybody lives in the city, thats why its so fun to ride in. Most folks live in the burbs, and riding thru them is no fun at all.  So every so often on a brisk sunny fall day, I get off of work and head in the opposite direction of home, pointing my wheels north and away from the mess of it all.

Leaving the office, its pretty much like this the whole ride home. Traffic Jam. Stop light. Go stop go stop go stop. However, if I turn my wheels north and head about 3 miles up, the urban sprawl seemingly disappears, letting the farm land open up and giving the two lane roads room to breathe.

I made a stop at my Uncle D's party store in Adair Michigan, and spotted my favorite Halloween decoration yet. I love Halloween, best holiday of em' all. When else can you hang a fake body from a tree in your front yard and not have the whole neighborhood up in arms? Long live the scary houses...

Just what exactly is the Mothership Connection? If you must know... go dig it.

This is the extent of my Uncle's Halloween decoration in his store. One oversized spider placed on the meat counter, thats it. Brilliant.

Jumped on the E-way and buzzed into Detroit, getting off just before Bell Isle. Arrived in time to catch this most spectacular sunset over Detroit. It was a good day.

God Bless this mess. 

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