Monday, October 24, 2011

Wheelie Mania!

In issue #114, I got to run a feature from a fellow I met in Iowa. I sent him an advanced copy once the issue came to print, and this is what he had to say:

"Thanks a lot man!  Turned out rad!  Super stoked you ended up using that wheelie pic, I thought the front end was gonna explode when it came down!  Glad everything worked out. Thanks, Andy Knutson."

You're welcome Andy! And on a side note, i'd like to invite you, the readers, to send in your best wheelie pictures. I'll post all of them up here on the blog, and the best of the best i'll publish in Backtalk in the next issue of the magazine. The only rule is that either you had to have taken the picture yourself, or it has to be of you. No old wheelie pix grabbed from the innerwebs... send your submissions to, subject line "WHEELIE MANIA!" now GO!

Here's Andy's best!

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