Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello Wes!

I met Wes on the revenge run, more specifically on the roof of the two hour ferry from Hatteras to Ocracoke. He was doing the run on a old little stock Triumph number that he re-built just before the run.  I forget what it was exactly, but I do remember being quite impressed by the amount of miles he was piling up on such a modest mill.

Kelly and I talked with him for almost the entire ferry ride, about photography and surfing and motorcycles and how we thought life should be lived. Wes is one of those guys who digs all different kinds of motorcycles, from old to new and big to small. I always enjoy talking to folks with that mindset, for they seem to have the best grip on what this motorcycle thing is really about. I haven't talked to Wes since that roof top meeting, but he sent me this e-mail earlier this week.

"Hey Jordan, its wes from the revenge run! I just got back 6 rolls of film so Ive been updating my photo blog and scanning photos and negatives. I realized this one was of you and your girl so I wanted to send it along, go here - www.zootrails.blogspot.com to see some of the others, Im going to be putting up more and more as the week goes by. There are quite a bit more of motorcycle photos coming from the run - all film. Thought you might be interested. Hope all is well and that its not getting too cold up there yet. Also your tigers might make it to the world series! that would be awesome!

take care


Unfortunately, the tigers world series run has been cut short, but Wes's film photos from the run are top notch. Its rare to see many guys shooting in film these days (and doing it well) but Wes is one of them. Crazy surfing photos too, go check it out!

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