Monday, September 19, 2011

Holy Shit!

I'll bet most of you have seen this amazing video by now...

Open up the Backtalk inbox this morning, and what do I see? Read on...

"Brando is an avid reader of the horse..and is recovering from a fiery crash in Logan Utah ..where bystanders lifted a burning bemer up and pulled him out ..saving his life. And if any of u heroes read this I would like to thank them for saving my son's life"

Get better soon Brando, your care package is in the mail. Man o man....


  1. a great big thank you to the horse. Brandon is an amazing kid(just sayin cuz he is my son). He is in surgery this morning soon to be out. We are hopeing for a smooth recovery.

  2. All of us at The Horse Backstreet Choppers wish him a speedy recovery! Best wishes to all of you!
    Nurse Nut