Monday, September 26, 2011

:::Detroit Shred Sesh:::

Went around Detroit last weekend with my buddy Brandon. I'm saving the good stuff for the magazine, but here's a few i'd like to share now. Gave my camera to Brandon's bud Ivan, and he captured some good stuff-- Thanks man!

"Ya see, we're gonna make that illegal left turn there, then hop up over that curb and on to the side walk there, but watch out for that giant pot hole and all the broken glass. Cut across the open field and over the hill, and then we'll be at the Velodrome"

No visit to Detroit would be complete with a lap or three around this sacred two wheeled race track. Again, Ivan on the camera. Keep your eyes peeled for issue 114, this cover feature is gonna be so good!

Only in Detroit... Good seeing you guys! Till next time!

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