Friday, August 19, 2011

Say Cheese GTP!

George in Sturgis. I'm pretty sure its next to impossible to get a photo of the guy without his middle finger saluting you and the camera... Look at the reach on the guy! It's like he really means it!

Last I saw GTP was in the middle of a brutal Michigan winter, and I gave him one of my favorite books, Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. A classic!

Copies of this book come a dime a dozen, but the particular copy I owned had this really great water color type illustration on the cover that I think is quite rare actually. Haven't seen one like it anywhere since, and it even took a while digging on the innerwebs to find an image of it.

Well when I saw GTP in Sturgis this past time around, I pretty much forgot I even gave him the book until he mentioned it. I believe he said something along the lines of "Hey, remember that book you gave me? It sucked! Nothing happened!" and in a sense he's right. Steinbecks a master of character description, not gun slingin' action, and if you're expecting car chases and shoot outs, you're in the wrong spot. But if rich descriptions of weirdo's and drunkards thriving in the underbelly of a 1930's fishing town is your jam, this book hits the sweet spot. 

I gave it to GTP way back when because when I read it, I could see parts of George in each one of the characters... Even the writing at times mirrored some of the stuff i've seen George write in our rag. These guys may not ride motorcycles, but they do raise hell and have a good time, all the while living on the fringes and loving it to the utmost degree. 

George, if you're reading this, may I suggest Sweet Thursday? More of the same stuff where nothing happens but everything's going down all at once... go on, you know you want to... then next time I see you, you can tell me how crappy this one was too!  

Or in a completely different vein, Travel's with Charlie? grab a copy, you'll love it. Promise. 

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  1. I still don't like Steinbeck...but then again, I can barely read! :) "GTP"