Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The P-nut tank give away... you decide!

I would like to thank everybody who sent me photos of their bikes as entries for the LowBrow P-nut tank give away contest. I gotta say, it sort of breaks my heart to see so many cool scoots in need of a new petrol container, and knowing that I can only satisfy one person... If it were up to me, i've give a tank to every one who entered! However, that is not the case. E-man and I narrowed the field down to 3 top players. They go as follows (in no particular order:)

"My son bought this bike in Iraq, tore it down and shipped it home.
I think your little tank would look sweet on this little 500 Enfield. The good part would be you’ll see it again at the next smoke out mounted on this little Brit. I’ve posted this on the board before, work has slowed as this summer’s tornado ripped the roof off the shop it was sitting in.  All is good he’s just been busy drying everything back in. And Yes, the bike is strapped to a door J A♠"


Contestant number 2:

"About 20 miles of riding around Ann Arbor, I found that the tank I was running wasnt going to cut it. clogged up a carb real quick. tried to clean it again with more muratic acid, only to find that this time the old kreem job done years ago is now flaking in tiny pieces. this build has taken me 1 year 8 months and 28 days. mostly due to financial constraints. my bikes a runner and basically ready to go besides the tank, and who knows when that will happen. the bike is sitting in the garage and im going through and re-doing and cleaning up the electrical and other little tid bits just to keep the juices going and keep me from going stir crazy.  if I were to win this tank i would most likely just put some primer on and run it till winter, then try to mimic the paint job thats on the old tank a little cause it means alot to me. thanks for the opportunity." -Crosby

And finally, contestant number 3:

"What's up guys! I need this tank like a whore needs birth control! I have attached a pic of my newest whip...84 Ironhead. I have a stock 3.5 gallon on there now, but it's way too big, and definitely not my style. However, when you're not shitting $20 dollar bills you work with what ya got! I would normally just buy what I needed for my builds, but after the Revenge Run, my wife and I had twins, so funds are tighter than a duck's asshole. This tank would be sick on my bike, and my buddy Fulton Fred would do it justice with a sick paintjob to match! Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the good work!"


So what do you guys think? Voting closes in 48 hours.... now GO!

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