Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Backtalk revisited

Sorry this old blog's been a little slow as of late, all of us here at the magazine have had our noses to the grind stone since we got back from Sturgis to get the magazine done in time. Pesky deadlines...

A few issues back I was given Backtalk duty, reviewing all the emails we get to our backtalk account and picking out what sleds go in the front of the mag each issue. Sometimes there is just not enough room for everyone in the mag, so from time to time i'll be sharing some overflow right here on the blog.

These fine folks did actually make it into backtalk this issue, but I dug it so much I just have to share it with all yall before it hits print. I think they're some of my favorite yet, and not because its a knock out show bike that I want parked in my garage, but because its just so fucking hill billy and they know it, and they love it! Read on...

"This is a 1977 Honda Goldwing 1000, my husband and i acquired it 5-16-11 and have been working on it since. we got an aluminum canoe and cut it down to 7 foot for the sidecar body, we added fog lights, he built the frame for the hack (we built our own or got parts from the junkyard that he works at) the only thing that was bought were the fog lights. The hack wheel came from a 1979 Yamaha 650, the fender is from a 70's era FX, turn signals from a CBR and the air cleaner from a 1983 sportster. we have had a lot of help with this bike from friends this bike was built in the stones you see in the pictures being as we have no garage and we live in a camper that sits at the bottom of a campground so we don’t have the room to build it in the kitchen like we would if we lived in a house trailer. This bike is not finished yet and probably never will be."


Pam (mom)

Chris (dad)

Madison (daughter)

Amos (son)

Bubba (friend)

Holly (friend)

Scotty (friend)

Lester (friend

Big Scott (friend)

Coming soon to #113's backtalk section....


  1. Have to love the enthusiasm.

    If they can Q/D the sidecar and it sill was seaworthy, this would be the best bike ever.