Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Different ways of seeing

I must say, I am a fan of Michael Schmidt's photography. Anybody who can still rock film in their camera and make it look better than digital is a total ruler in my book.

Saw this photo from BF3 on his blog, and thought it was pretty neat our shutters went off at the same moment, but from different sides of the bike.

His, with me in the background.

And mine, with him in the background.

I've always admired his work, and wanted to meet him at this event, but had no idea what he looked like or who he was. I should have known it was the guy carrying around the ancient looking camera... Maybe next time Michael.

Oh, and how about that bike!? Check out that seat! If vikings rode choppers, this is what they would look like.


  1. I rode with that dude a good amount the following Monday, his name escapes me at the moment, he was from Phoenix. He handled that bike great, didn't seem to matter to him at all that the front end was like 36" over or something. Hauled ass, split lanes and all that.

  2. Robert Hernandez..hes a real good dude