Friday, July 29, 2011

Did Mary love choppers?

Yes. Yes she did. Took this one at last years Horse Sturgis Show, one of our bike show winners.

 And speaking of the Sturgis show... if you find yourself in the Black Hills in on Monday the 8th, I better see you at the Horse's bike show inside the Full Throttle Saloon. It's free to enter your bike, free to attend, and the prizes we're giving away are mental. Even if your bike doesn't win anything, you still have a shot at winning some raffle prizes if your number gets pulled. I think last year we gave away a Baker N1, among some amazing Fab Kevin pieces and about a billion other awesome expensive things that most people cant afford to just give away. Win win.

Last year Kelly and I posted up in the Lay-Z boy chairs that lined the old railroad bridges that span the bar. This place rules, and on a monday in Sturgis, it doesn't really get any better.

Roadside Marty will be there!

 This is only about half of the show space early on... the place packed out, so get there early!

 Larry and his Lovely Lady Ashley.

 Sugar Bear on stage.


If you had some sort of preconceived notion in your mind that Sturgis is for lame old dudes who drop their bikes while parking them in search of more skull flamed doo-rags, you're sort of right. BUT, that is only one side of Sturgis, and if you put in even the smallest bit of effort, much fun is to be had, like at this bike show. And not to mention riding your motorcycle around the crazy twisty roads the Black Hills have to offer, which for a Mid-west man like myself, is quite the treat. Okay, so see you there then? Okay!

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