Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back in action

Holy cow what a trip. Sitting at my desk now, i still feel like i'm doing this:

Somewhere in the ballpark of 6500+ miles through 10 states in a 3 week window... and i'd do it again at the drop of a hat. Fucking BLAST! You can see some phone photos of it over at the road couch mother ship blog, if you so desire.

In other news, the Horse Blog store is stocked up once again! However, I somehow managed to sell all of my XL baseball style T's at Born Free, So all i've got left is:

2 M's
4 XXL's
24 L's

Oh, and P.S. Tyler over at Lowbrow hit me up to see if i'd be interested in giving away one of their brand new P-nut tanks through the Horse Blog, and I said well fuck yeah. This ain't gonna be your average give away, no sir... the rules for this one will be a bit different... so stay tuned!

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