Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011 Calendar is lone gone...but

The stats show that my "2011 calendar" post is one of the most viewed threads on this blog, and for good reason too (well the actual post itself is pretty weak, but the calendar ruled).

I must admit that this months photos were my favorite (perhaps i'm a little biased because I snapped these shots, but hey, I like em!) For all of you who missed out on the purchase, here's a freebee. I present to you Ms. July, Antonella.

The 2012 calendar is going to be a real doozie too. We're just getting started on it now, and I can promise you guys won't be disappointed...

(P.S. want to see your bike with a hot girl posing on it in our calendar? Of course you do! First things first, send me a photo of your bike with the e-mail subject line reading "CALENDAR" to and i'll take a gander. Also, very important, you must be willing to ride your sled up to our offices in Macomb Michigan to shoot... which shouldn't be a problem, because you love riding, right? right?! Alright then, let the e-mails come flooding in...)

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