Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Things have been nuts over here lately. We're trying to jam everything out before the guys leave for out west, and i've totally got my hands full. Now I ain't complaining at all here, in fact I live for this kind of shit... but thats why this blogs been a little light as of late. More to come soon, I promise.

We got the the #110 issue in last thursday, and I plan on doing a nice little sneak peak up here tomorrow possibly? or Friday? I must say, this new issue is jam packed with so much cool shit, i don't know how we do it every month. So many interesting and talented people from all over the country contribute to this magazine, this entity that is so much bigger than any single one of us, and the group effort that goes into the end result always blows me away. Blogs are cool and all, but magazines will always be King in my mind.

in the mean time, here is one of my favorite tanks from the Revenge Run. Dig it.

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