Thursday, June 9, 2011

Issue #110 sneak peak

Well this is sort of long overdue, but better late than never.

The #110 issue came out some time early last week I think? its a real doozie too, gets better and better every time, i swear! I can't even believe i've been with this mag for 20 issues now... Sure does feel like a long time. I know some of you out there have been reading The Horse since the Iron Horse days, and that blows my mind too. Shit, I wasn't even born when the first Iron Horse hit the racks... But i digress. Lets see whats in issue #110, shall we?!

I've been given the reigns to our "Back Talk" section, which means I get about 10 more e-mails a day than I usualy do, which makes me feel pretty important. (And once in a while, I get e-mails like this, which you can expect to see in the backtalk section our next issue, #111)

Brew Dude has a great tech piece on cleaning up dirty cases.

Before... :-(

and AFTER :-D

Englishman visted the ACE CAFE in London and did a superb write up on the whole ordeal. He even did a photo shoot inside the cafe under less-than-desirable conditions that consisted of a model canceling on him, ooglers and peeping eyes, and tons of huge cuffs over funny boots. You can find a much better description of the events in the mag. Here's a peak of the girl he shot!

At last years Smoke Out West, i got to shoot all the "bike show winners" which was a blast. I love shooting motorcycles, absoulty love it. But the tricky thing was, I had 10 bikes to shoot and get info for all within about a 30 minute time frame, and I had to hope i didn't loose any info or that none of these winner's didn't take off prematurely. Well, one such guy did slip through the cracks, and he e-mailed me not too long ago to remind me of my erroneous ways... well, he made it into the mag, one year later, with his Buell Lightning chop, and it's not your typical chop... performance comes first for this man. Here you are John!

Also, another Bike Show Winner, but this time from the Smoke Out East. The frame work on this thing is so cool. Think the photos too dark and you cant' make out the details of the bike? well go buy the issue then, dummy! I swear i put a clearer shot in there just for you, cuz i knew you'd say that.

How could we forget the Born Free Knuck? Still can't get over the fact that in 2 weeks, somebody will have snagged this bad mofo' for 25 bucks....mental! Dawn did a knock out job shooting this knock out babe on this knock out bike. The feature for this one turned out soooo buttery, you won't want to miss it. 

This months Cover Bike is from Chet Hall... who is dead now, but was a big player in the custom bike scene in Michigan all through out the 80's and 90's... this bike was built over 20+ years ago, and it still rules so hard. Here is just the arse end... get ready for more speed holes than you'll know what to do with! Sportster speeeeed.

Cycle Zombies have been hitting it out of the park with the shit they've been putting together lately, so i called up Chopper Dave and sent him on a mission to capture the passion breeze and waft it back towards world headquarters. Here's a taste of what he got.

I feel so fortunate to be able to work and contribute to this magazine, and these days it seems i'm doing more and more of the contributing part. It still gives me a tingle down the ol' spine when I flip open the rag and see something i shot or wrote appear in it... the best job ever. This winter I Tore into the girlfriends bike and did a little paint-a-roo with Ron from Chop Docs, and boy did this thing turn out saucy.  Oh, this photo is a real mind bender, i tell ya...

George the Painter comes through with his first bike feature! A desert triumph, and the girl modeling in the pictures even helped to build the bike! Nuts!

And in the very back of the magazine, you'll find my coverage of the Revenge Run 2... I think it turned out quite good if i do say so myself. On our way down to the Outter Banks from Detroit, Kelly and I had the good fortune of stopping to visit her Grams for a hot minute, and of course she had to go for a ride... Grandma, I love you.

There is still so much more inside this magazine that I dont' even have time to dive into because I'm leaving for Born Free in less than 24 hours! You read right, i'm leaving tomorrow... Shit, if i'm going to ride across country, i'm going to make it count, take my time. See some things i've never seen before... But here's what else is instore for issue #110. 

Hammer chompin' at the bit,
Englishman talkin about trailer queens and trashcans,
Ted Arsen shot a Knuck in NY, (1 of 3 knuckleheads in this issue!)
George the painter ramblin on about something or another (sorry GTP, havn't gotten a chance to read it yet!)
Two tasty little numbers from the Chopper Underground,
Brew Dude's latest XS creation,
Gennaro shot an evo that used to be in a Sucker Punch set up, but now resides in a much cooler... well you'll just have to see!
Jon Towle and Richie Pan artwork!
Steve Sr. diving into the science behind Magnetos.
The Horses's Trike build Update 
Dan R. with another fantastic tech piece that is probably over my head,
Tom Johnson shoots a flordia Knuckle,
Tattoo Corner, of course,
Richie Pan covers English Don's "Ride like Hell"
A tight little XS number all done up in green,
Charlie the Nomad with a throw back to biker fiction... its actually pretty flippin good!
Fab Kev returns with his follow up piece to his Tig run down in the last issue,
and to wrap things up, an ironhead is shot in Colorado, and it has a girl in it. You'll like it, i promise.

I am so exhausted just from this one post... i dont' think i've written this much for the blog in weeks. I kid you not, i've been so overwhelmed here trying to get everything done before I leave for my massive westward vision quest, its been in-TENSE! but i wouldn't have it any other way. I absolutely love this job...

So there you have it, issue 110 is out and better than ever. Go pick one up today!

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