Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blast Off, Blog Hibernation, Two-Wheeled Rebirth, & Westward Vision Quests

Can't believe this day is already up on me. I'm leaving tomorrow to start my Westward Vision Quest, ultimately reaching Born-Free on the 25th. I've given myself a very comfortable, very fortunate cushion of two weeks to ride solo out west, making sure to really soak everything up. 100% saturation is preferable.

Since i'll be away from a computer for a month, and seeing as i'm the only one updating the Blog, The Horse blog will be in hibernation till July 4th.

For anyone who is interested in my travels, you can see what i'm up to at

The road couch blog started as a way to let my parents know I was safe and sound when they havn't heard from me in days. At the time of last years Born-Free trip, I had a shitty flip phone that took pretty bad photos, but this time around i've got a much fancier phone, and will be taking much fancier photos. I'll try to keep it update a couple times a day. Check it out if you want to, pass on it if you don't, it will be there regardless.

Here is my horoscope from this week's local Coffee News... I can dig it.

Time to go enjoy the fruits of my labor. Bye for now, see you out on the road!

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