Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have nothing but respect for guys who can paint. Anyone who has ever tried it themselves should know how hard it is to make it look good, especially when you're doing it in your own backyard.

While on the 2 hour ferry from Ocracoke to Cedar Island on the Revenge Run, I got to talk with Fred from Fulton Paint works... He's one of those guys who makes this backyard paint job stuff look easy, and totally  professional. He also owns a tattoo shop in Virginia and rides the piss out of his Evo sporty. Do yourself a favor and take a look at some of his stuff. From what I remember, he hasn't been at the painting thing all too long, but his skills and attention to detail would lead you to think otherwise.

I knew his stuff was pretty cool just from checking out the bikes he painted that were on the run, but until i saw his blog, I had no idea of his scope or flair. Seriously, so bad ass. I would gladly rock any one of these tanks. (all taken from his site, of course)

I repeat-- done in his backyard. Great stuff Fred!

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