Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Bob!!!

Happy Birthday Bob! Saw him preform last year at Sturgis at the Buffalo Chip, and he blew me away. Kelly and I got up real close to the stage and watched Bob do his magic. This guy is turning 70, and of the three times i've seen him (first show was about 8 years ago) this was by far his best performance i've seen. Movin and shaking, still really enjoying himself after all these years and the countless shows he's performed... I hope this guy lives on forever. Happy Birthday Bob! 

 Checkin' out the Tiger... he's only 23 here!

Pick your feet up, Bob!

Full dresser style Bob. 

Talkin' to Robbie Robertson

Bob and Robbie just goin' for a ride. 

Super young Bob.

Don't know who this guy is on the back, but it's still the same Triumph Tiger as seen in the photos above.


Notice the Triumph T...

I'm not real big on posting pictures up here that I didn't take myself, but seeing as I've never taken a photo of Bob on a bike, I had to borrow. Most of these gems were taken from Here and some from Here

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