Friday, April 15, 2011

Revenge Run Bound

Been waiting for this day to come for some time now. I love having a road trip planned-- its like stashing away a little nugget of freedom somewhere into the future, and when that day comes, you get to unearth that righteous stash and roll that thunder on for days. This particular trip will be lasting about 11 days, and should cover somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,700 miles, give or take. Not a bad boogie at all. Gonna get down to the coast and do some camping before the run even starts, soak up the sights and just generally take her easy.

 Possibly the greatest thing about this job (aside from a million other greatest things) is being able to do stuff like this-- leave for days on end to ride motorcycles around the country with a bunch of hoodlums-- and get to call it work. I feel incredibly blessed to call this my job, and have felt the motorcycle God's smiling down upon me for many many years now.

I understand that this job, one which involves being immersed around the coolest motorcycles on the planet and the people who ride and build them, is a rare job indeed. And for that reason, i've always tried my best to do the most I possibly can, for the magazine and for you guys. I wouldn't feel right knowing there's someone out there who could do a better job than I, and that fact drives me to push my boundaries, travel farther, photograph more, talk to everyone, read everything, and enjoy the shit outta the whole experience. I feel blessed to only have been in this game for a couple of years, and still be able to call so many different people from all over the country my friends.

 Events like this one are incredibly refreshing for someone in my position. Sure, i get to look at and read about choppers all day, but being behind a computer only does so much for a road hungry soul. Actually getting away from the computer and office, and immersing myself into the heart of what this magazine is about--you guys-- is like a feast for a starving man. So if you see me on the run, say what's up, i'd be happy to meet all of you. And contrary to popular believe, we do listen to what you guys are saying, and hearing it first hand-- and not over a message board-- means a lot more than you'd think. If you feel so inclined, tell me what you like about the mag, or what you don't like-- i'm all ears.

I'll have the blog on auto pilot while i'm gone for all you guys stayin' at home, and i'll try and post some photos from the road as well. The new phone i got can take and edit video, so you might even see some Revenge Run videos surfacing before too long.

Looks like the new T's won't be in till' after I get back-- sorry about that. Wanted to have them done before I left for the trip so I could sell some while I was down there, but my printer was draggin' his heels... so it goes.

As for now, I'm buttoning up some loose ends in the office before I blast out this afternoon and try to make it to Pittsburgh with my trusty riding partner, Kelly, before sundown. We don't even have a route planned, and yet we couldn't care less. We'll get down there somehow...

For everyone who's going on the run, ride safe, and i'll see you on the other side.

-Jordan Z.

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