Friday, March 11, 2011

So much for friday...

Earlier in the week, the forecast for Detroit was calling for 43 and plenty of sunny sunshine...

I had plans for riding motorcycles all day. Rip up the freeway to Port Huron, take it easy back down the riverfront all the way into Detroit, then shred on the vacant city streets till the sun went down. Well, I was in for quite the surprise when I woke up this morning to scrape off multiple inches of snow and ice from the windshield of my truck. Huge bummer.

So instead of riding my motorcycle and taking photos and such, i'm sitting in the office day dreaming about riding motorcycle and taking photos and such.

I snapped this shot last summer on a little weekend road trip I took with my girlfriend. I had borrowed this cheap and chinsy little fish eye type filter that screwed on the end of your lens from a friend a few years back in college. I forgot I even still had it (and simultaneously realized I hadn't even used it since I borrowed it) so I screwed it on the lens and pretty much left it on there for the rest of the trip.

It ain't no professional $900 wide angle lens, but it still took a neat photo. This was my first whack at taking any sort of wide angle riding photos, and I compliment my girlfriend on her bravery of letting me try this crap out on her... camera in hand, drifting across lanes, adjusting aperture and framing the whole thing doesn't lend itself very well to safe motorcycle riding.

Why do I even bother to convince myself that March is a full on riding month? Such torture...

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