Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New T-shirts, part 3

Spent last Friday in an old familiar print shop downtown.

It was actually the place where I got my first "art" job years ago, doing layouts for political yard signs for the summer. The job itself was a big bore, but the riding into and out of Detroit every day was enough to make it worth while. Racing from light to light, lane splitting, riding on sidewalks... I was actually quite surprised at the end of the summer that I made it out alive.

Anyways, the guy's in the back of the shop were all pretty legit, and they were pumped to see me back around the shop last friday, if only for a day. They almost didn't believe me when I told them I was working for this motorcycle mag, and then they all flipped out when I handed them this years calendar and told em' I took most of the shots in it. The look on their faces was priceless!

I got to print the shirts with my boy William. He was very meticulous about the process, and made sure everything looked exactly how I wanted it to. These things turned out niiiiiiiiceeee!

 When I was picking out the shirts for this print, I had the printer order a couple different brands so I could see who made the best product... and I can't stress enough how soft and comfortable the American Apparel T's are... Which are the ones I went with. They cost me quite a bit more to print on (they're made in the US), but what the hell, its no fun wearing a sweet graphic on an ill-fitting shirt.

I printed a small batch this time around, about 25 in total, and when they're gone, who knows when you'll see em again. I apologize in advance to my XXL and XXXL (and XXXXL?) friends, your shirts will be available next go around. Right now i've got a few M's, L's, and XL's in stock. Get em' while they're hot!

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