Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy St. Patrick's day. If i was more motivated, maybe i'd find a picture of a midget dressed like a leprachaun doing a wheelie, or a half naked chick posing on a green bike. But quite honestly, i couldn't care less about a buncha idiots galavanting around town wasted before noon. Amateur hour! (with all due respect to St. Pat himself...)

And the reason being? It's the middle of March, i've been away from my motorcycle for nearly 5 months, and here I am done with work for the day at 2 p.m. with the sun shining and temps nearing the 60 degree mark, bout to bust out my scoot and ride the WHEELS off this fuckin' thing!

Also very excited about printing the new shirts tomorrow. Got everything squared away with the old print shop, and i'll be in there gettin' my hands dirty with the whole process. Stay tuned for the progress/process shots coming next week, as well as the opening of the new and exclusive Blog Store! Yippie!

Ride safe wherever you are, and don't fucking drive a car anywhere near me in metro Detroit if you're the least bit drunk. Keep that shit far, far away from my ass! I got miles to log!

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