Monday, February 28, 2011

This time last year, part 3...

At the Willie's show last year, Englishman spotted this shovel trike pull into the parking lot. Before the guy could hop off and register his trike in the show, I had him wheelin' over to the grassy knoll for some photos (much to Roadside's disapproval, as he was in charge of setting all the bikes up and gettin' em tagged!)

Mobtown Cycles, the guys who built the bike, found the tires at a garage sale for like 50 bucks! I guess the left one had to be re-inflated about every half hour or so, they're some old drag slicks from way back when.

This thing had ass for days!

Pretty cool seat pan. Not so much the graphics, but rather how it flows right into the frame there, and the brass section holding it down is neat too.

They also made great use of an old exhaust pipe for the oil bag. Very cool!

Read the full feature in issue #99!

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