Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Issue #107 sneak peak

Issue # 107 landed on our doorstep early this week, and I can tell you now it's a good one. For starters, E-man shines an interesting light on the newest softtail to hit HD's line up. You read right, E-man covers a softtail!

Also on deck, we've got a feature of a NSU shovelhead that a dude in Germany built... you've got to see it to believe it.

Doug's got his second to last installment on his "Arab adventure: a trip through the middle east on a ridged Shovel". This one gets particularly hairy, one of my favorite updates yet. Do you think that oil is factory approved?

Nick Robinson, a participant in last years Stampeed and a frequent poster on our "Back Talk" boards, moved to Japan a few months ago. Apparently its pretty tough to get a motorcycle license over there. Here's his cirtificate of completeion from the riding test... it only took him 5 trys!

More updates from our Amature and Pro chop off guys. It's interesting to see how these projects are coming along... or in some cases not coming along!

We must have a thing for bizzare motors this issue, because we've also got a motor featuring overhead-cam Ducati Desmo heads and a Big Twin Evo bottom end! Nutty! And the bike actually looks pretty damn sharp!

Our cover bike this month also kicks total ass. I wanted to use this photo in the main spread, but couldn't find room for it. I'll leave it up to you guys to figure out how I took this shot, no photoshop involved!

Another home run from fellow Michiganders "Hammer in Hand". They had the cover bike on issue #96, that blue powder coated iron head with tons of crazy brass external oil lines. This little number is quite the looker too!

I posted this picture a while back, but it finally made it into print. The "Black Rose" by Small City Cycles is one bad mofo. Tod (owner and oppporator of SCC) took best pre-unit at last years Born Free show, and is looking to do some more damage this time around at BF3. Don't miss this bike, it's flawless!

Dawn Rosa Cole shot another winner with this Knuck outta Arizona built by Rudy Sedgwick. can you say proper proportions?!

And yet another knuckle, but this time outta Japan. Very tasty.

Wait a minute... Another Knucklehead? Am I dreaming? This one belongs to our very own Charlie the Nomad... great backstory on how he picked up this survivor chop outta the Arizona desert from a crusty old timer... you won't want to miss this one!

Okay last Knuck, I promise. This time its a build update from our friends at Garage Compnay on the progress of the Knucklehead they're building for the Born Free guys to give away. 25$ gets you a ticket and a chance to own the coolest raffle prize ever, can you fucking believe it?

And there's tons more good stuff in this month's issue that I'm not giving away here, including but not limited to:

Hammer and his "bucket list"
George the painter on doin' the painting thing full time
Ted Arsen with a fantastic lookin evo bobber
A chopped suzuki 4 from Thiland!
Dan R rebuilding an incredibly old, small and obscure Indian motor
Richie Pan Art
XsSpeed on his history of chopper building
Steve's progress on the Horse's trike build
Tom Johnson on Spool Hubs
Another fantastic Tattoo Corner
More on the Smoke Out bike Giveaway
Fab Kevin on frisco-reworking a tank

and much more!

keep yer eyes peeled for this issue to hit news racks any day now. $5.99, same as it always was and always will be!

-Jordan Z.


  1. that nsu shovel is crazy and badass. thanks.

  2. This thing is turning into a really cool magazine ain't it!

  3. Jordan, did ya use a time lapse on that flame pic? either way it looks cool as hell!!! and you guys are right on time...I am almost done reading #106 for the 5th or 6th time...I need another fix of my Horse!!