Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Letters to the editors"

Back when I started working for The Horse, there seemed to be a lot of mail coming in for the editors.

I'm talking letters and envelopes containing actual photos and sometimes handwritten tech sheets and barely legible stories. We still get lots of mail, but now-a-days it seems to be all in an electronic "inbox".

I still love opening up a letter and seeing old photographs or somebody's badass drawing, and I try to hang on to the stuff that catches my eye. I'm always blown away by the dedication I see  to this magazine, our readers are awesome!

 A while back, I opened two letters one morning, one from the cornfields of the mid-west, and one from somewhere way back up in the woods (I've long since lost the envelopes in which they came in, so names and exact locations have escaped my memory.)

Our farm girl is on the left posing for our "Pin-up of the Month" page, and our good ol' boy is on the right showin' off his fresh Charlie Horse ink.

Over the next few week's, i'll be dishing up some more of these paper submissions and posting em' up here. I invite you guys out there to keep sending actual stuff in the mail, and if its cool, i'll throw it up here.

(On a side note, if you're trying to send me photos of your bike for a magazine submission, keep sendin' that shit in digitally... bike features aren't so cool when they're on a 3x5 Wallgreens print.)

Alright, now get busy!

Jordan Z.
51089 Milano drive
Macomb MI,

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