Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Issue #106

Issue 106 just hit our desks. Here's the run down on what we've got in store...

Cover looks good!

This here is "Broc's Kawi" built by Broc in Arizona, shot by Dawn Rosa Cole. The photos for this feature turned out really bad ass, Dawn know's a thing or two about camera's and picture taking. What's so special about the bike, you may ask? Well, the dude used a 1981 Kawasaki CSR 305 motor, which was only made from 1981 to 1982, and most parts, factory or aftermarket, are almost non existent. Its an interesting read, and there's a hot blonde in there too (but you'll have to look at the mag to see her)

Doug continues his trip through the Middle East aboard his ridge Shovelhead bobber. And you thought you were hot shit ridin' out to Sturgis... Here we see him broken down somewhere in Armenia? these dudes are helping him lift his bike into the back of a cattle truck loaded with cow shit and piss to drive him to the nearest town in hopes of... well you'll just have to read it yourself.

Brew dude shows the proper way in which to mount your take. Take notes!

Amature Chop Off updates start this issue! This particular update is my favorite, because you get to see how much of a pile of shit everyone is starting out with!

Here's the seat on the "Brit Different" Triumph. Its nuts!

Here's a shot I took back in Bike Week 2010. You may not be able to tell, but its the cover bike for this issue. It has since undergone some changes that you'll surely want to read up on in our new issue. P.s. It took best in show that day too! At Willies!

Not only do we have an Amature Chop-off, but a Pro Chop-off too! except this one is limited to 3 shops, and the results are usually a little more polished (although not always!) Here is a bike featured in this issue built by Ricky Lewis of Violent Choppers, also a Pro Chop-off guy.

Dan R gets knees deep in re-building the 1924 Indian scout that Hammer handed over to him. This thing gives me a headache just looking at it!

I wanted to use this shot soo badly in the mag, but unfortuantly we can't show shots of butts in thongs. I know, its a travisty, but at least I can use it here. I shot this scoot over the summer for our calendar, and it turned out so good that we decided to run it in the mag. While you can't see more shots of her bum in the rag, you will get to see the whole of this bike, which is nothing short of perfect. (But don't worry, there will be more shots of her up on this blog later on.)

Here's a "bike show winner" from our Smoke Out. Its a total "junk yard" build, as the owner Les puts it. Everything was ripped off from something else. Thought it was interesting to see this XS in contrast to the one that comes before it. A world of possibilities!

And Fab Keving shows us how perfect axleplate and single downtube neck's are casted at Hardtail Choppers's headquarters.

Also not shown;
Back talk featuring not a single "OCC" looking bike
Ted Arsen with a down and dirty swing arm Shovel,
E-man on Cafe Racers
Hammer on Knucks
GTP on the beauty of a good belt drive
Nurse Nut shoots a 300$ deathtrap Honda chop
updates on our Trike Project
A Chopper Underground bike
XsSpeed shoots an Injun!
A memorial for Dragon
Richie Pan Artwork
a swing arm Pan thats "built to Last" by Gennaro
Tom Johnson on ignitions and the like
An exceptional "Tattoo Corner"
A sneak peek into Baker's newest project... and its not a transmission
Charlie the Nomad on Cabin Fever
Brass Balls build update
Fab Kevin on eyebrow modifications
and much much more!

Hot Damn thats a whole lotta chopper content filled into one issue! Over 11 bike features, 4 editorials, 3 tech articles, and 1 travel story from riding through the Iraqi country side...

Go grab an issue for yourself today! Same price its ever been and always will be, just 5.99.


  1. When does it hit the racks?


  2. any time now! keep yer eyes peeled...

  3. Hey Jordan, feel free to email any photos of that chick in the thong or otherwise..you know my email good buddy!!!

  4. Damn thanks for the before and after pic on Vice. Can't wait for it to hit the shelves.

  5. you got a "thong's only" post commin' up here soon roadside, just you sit tight...

  6. I'm with Roadside Marty...whats wrong with a nice ass with a thong? beats the hell out of granny panties!!