Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GTP's new ad

At the start of winter, George the Painter had a rare visit to the metro Detroit area. I offered to put him up in my travelin' hobo's abode for a night, and while there we decided to get creative.

George had been buggin' me for a couple weeks about making a new ad for him. He kept talking about how he was basically stripping down his life back to the main ingredents: painting and motorcycle riding. I thought the ad should reflect that thought process-- no bullshit, just simple design and a bare bones look.

Well, maybe we got a little too "creative", because at the time, these drawings/photos looked great! Now I look back and sorta laugh, because c'mon... Its GTP holdin' a nurf gun, writing out his new advertisement on a dry erase board...

While it may not be the most eye catching advertisement you've seen in decades, it was a fun night, and I promise you George I'll come up with something a little less... half baked?  Anyways, thought you guys may enjoy some of the out takes.

Aaaaand the finished product.

A truly polished turd!
I'll get you something "professional" in there soon George, hang tight.