Wednesday, January 5, 2011

first day on the job

My first day on the job was at this cover shoot for issue #91, and it was amazing.

Eric Gorges was the main guy shooting that day, so I just sort of shot from over his shoulder. When he took a break, I hopped right up to deck and snapped away.

She was spilling out of her outfits in so many ways, its was insane. I think she showed up with her entire wardrobe for the day bundled up in the palm of her hand. A few thongs, some string bikini tops, and some fishnet body suit that had two holes; one for her head and one for her crotch. Awesome!

At one point, her ta-ta's were showing from behind her tiny bikini top, and I asked Hammer if we should stop and tell her to stuff em' back in... he said not to bother.

total amazonian!

The bike was built by Eric Barnett. He even raced this thing in the Stampede last year taking 8th place I believe? 3000+ miles in just a handfull of hours... The dudes legit. Solid welder, inventive fabricator, all around good guy.

It was a good first day!


  1. and you'll get to enjoy a lot of days like that...keep up the good work!! who knows, you might get a chance to get out of "the mitten" and out to the Pacific NW to do some shoots up in this neck of the woods.

  2. Good reading buddy! Write more! "GTP"

  3. Yea, I saw the AURORA BOREALIS in the second pic.