Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arm and a Leg

Went scouting locations yesterday for our Cover shoot this saturday...

Found this Jem of a warehouse in the city. Its called the Russell Industrial center, and it was where pretty much all the chassis were built for all of the car companies from the early 1920's clear on through the end of the 30's. A good amount of Henry Ford's Model T's started life on this very floor....

Only bummer thing is that they wanted an arm and a leg to let us shoot up there... whoda thunk it? an old dilapidated warehouse long since put out of use is pulling in buckets of money for one day of shooting. I guess they just shot Eminem on this floor for his Rolling Stone spread not too long ago.

While we won't be using this specific location, we did find an equally awesome old Toy warehouse on the city's north side. It no longer houses toy's but its a great space with some amazing wood accents and architecture. Keep yer' eyes peeled for a sneak peak next week when we get back. See ya'll Monday.


  1. Jordan, just a thought...ever thought of shooting a bike from the stage of a theatre or auditorium? always shooting the bike from downstage looking out over the openness of the auditorium. there has to be a few grand old theatres or auditoriums aound the motor city that would make a great place to shoot. with the focal length keeping the background in a soft blur, I can imagine some seriously hot images. just a thought.

  2. It's getting sort of gay how much they're getting to shoot stuff and certain Detroit locations. We all need to start shooting bikes in front of mansions in Bloomfield to drive the prices back down on some of the inner city shit.