Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


as promised, some extra shots from our issue #99 cover shoot. Photos of Stephanie by Dawn Rosa Cole.

Get the whole thing here

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Stephanie, our cover model from issue #99 joined us at the Smoke Out East this year. I think she surprised everyone when she hopped on a mini bike and ran in XsSpeed's mini bike races. I believe she took 2nd? 1st in our hearts though.

Shortly after I snapped this photo sequence, there was a dude with a full face helmet on acting like a fool right up in front of the stage, flailing his hands about and begging like a little kid for a T-shirt to be tossed his way...

I grabbed a shirt from the bin and bundled it up real tight into a ball, handed it off to Stephanie and told her to throw it at him. Well she grabbed the shirt and wound up like a major league pitcher, and then just unleashed a cannon on this guy at point blank! POW! Right in the kisser! Fuckin' priceless-- I think the guy even enjoyed it a little bit...

Classy broad indeed. Keep yer eye's pealed for more shots of her issue #99 photo shoot tomorrow...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wet n' Wild

Took these at last year's Smoke Out...

Looked like fun!

Friday, December 17, 2010

to answer your question...

Jack Shit asks... "what is the tank on the bars? Liquor?"

Nope! an auxiliary gas tank, and a pretty cool one at that!

Sight Glasses

Sight glasses. Generally speaking, they usually look pretty ugly to me... hangin' off the side what with their clunky fixtures and cheap tubing.

But this little specimen here...
Frenched in, but of course!

Not a bad scoot at all. One of the winners from our Horse Sturgis Bike Show

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Have you seen....

Have you seen Warren's Knuckle yet?

You probably should.

Paint, striping and gold leafing done by the ever talented Kendal. He's the same dude who did the amazing orange and rootbeer and gold leaf paint job on this month's cover bike, the Miklo Machine (issue 105).

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did I mention....

Did I mention that Chopper Dave's photography is featured in our new 2011 Horse Calendar? Well it is! Pick one up today, or leave a note for your wife, girlfriend, mother, whomever to Grip em up before we sell out of em' again!

Full Throttle

The re-cycled rail road bridges at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis were a great place to watch the bike show. They had recliners up there and everything... that venue ruled! Already looking forward to next years event.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GTP and the Boss Man

stop by the "Shimmering Towers of The Horse Backstreet Choppers World Headquaters!"

GTP's first visit to the shop, I think he liked it!

Exception to the rule

Generally speaking, i'm not into fat tire bikes. But this thing is just so fuckin' mean....

Snapped this at the Horse bike show in Sturgis, 10'

Monday, December 13, 2010

Black Rose

Once in a while we'll get unsolicited bike submissions from folks who want to see their sled in The Horse. Sometimes they land in the mag under our "back talk" section, sometimes they land in the junk pile, but once in a while we'll get one that really stands apart from the pack, warranting a full fledged feature or even sometimes a cover.

A week or so ago, we got one of those 'stand alone' submissions from Tod over at Small City Cycles. He built this clean-as-all-get-out Triumph, and not only is the stance of it enough to impress, but the details on this thing are immaculate.

Tod took best Triumph at the Born Free show last summer, and he'll be back at this summer's BF3 with three freshly built Triumphs. We're trying to fit this bike in issue 106, but till then here's a taste of that stand-alone goodness i'm talkin' about. Get a load of that taillight/sissy bar relationship!

Stay tuned for more details!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Astro Glide....DELUX

"Hi I'm Cris
About the article Astro Glide Deluxin the October issue #102 I was wondering if there are more pics of that beauty and maybe the specs as well.
Thanks for your precious time.

You got it bud!

Larry's "Astro Glide" swing arm chop took home a "Horse bike show" award at last year's Smoke Out.

Part of my duties that day were to shoot all the winning bikes from the bike show. Found this massive lake that had accumulated in the parking lot after the torrential smoke out rain storm and told the guys to roll their bikes right up in it. My shoes were still soaked through and through from riding through that shit the night before-- I don't think they dried completely for at least a whole week after I got back home.

Wacky handle bars!
Who rides in shorts?
Gangster lean.

Nice bike, Larry!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Garage Co. Customs

got a lovely x-mas card from the crew at Garage Company Customs today...


Larry and co. are partaking in our Pro Chop-Off for next years Smoke Out East, and judging from what I've seen these guys do on their past few builds, it should be a real doozie.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Markesa on the assembly line

One of the few nice things about having our magazine based in the Detroit area is that we've got some great locations to shoot around.

These photos are from our February 2010 issue, #95. We shot Brent's "Long Road Shovel" in this old Ford assembly plant on the south side of the city. It had been abandoned for quite some time, and at least half of the building was condemned and full of broken glass and rubble.

At the time, the show "motor city motors" was being filmed in the same building, so there were security guards and expensive cameras and hollywood types walking around in big fur coats sipping moca choka latte's.

It was surreal to be in a building where we had to quite literally dodge the bits of falling roof as we danced around a camera tripod trying to grab the best shots of this babe as we could.

Sure was fun though!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A little slice of X-mas on the door step

It always feels like Christmas morning whenever the new issues arrive on the doorstep of the Horse World Headquarters. All of the time and effort we put into bringing this magazine together finally pays off when we're holding it's printed form in our hands. And this issue is no exception...We've got some stellar photos from Eric Gorges on Warren Jr's "Miklo" bike

Not to mention Dawn Rosa Cole's coverage of a Love Cycles bike from the Born Free show last summer.

Also, our very own Globe Trotting Doug Wothke give us an update on his ride atop his Shovelhead bobber through the Middle East... Who does that? If you don't know about Doug yet, read his story, dudes the real deal.

If XS650's are your thing, you'll want to scope out the race inspired "Chicken Salad" bike in this issue--the suspension on the seat is nuts!

And anybody who's ever heard anything about the story behind Eric Barnett's failed stampede Buell will want to pick up this issue... lets just say its back on the road and way better than ever. Charlie wrote the words for it, and oh yeah-- there's a wheelie picture in there to beat the band.

And of course the rest of the issue is jam packed with other bike features and tech articles and artwork and general radness that you won't want to miss out on. You can expect to see them on news stands by the end of this week or early next week, or you can go to our website and Grip up one today!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Who the Fuck is Roadside Marty?

Who the Fuck is Roadside Marty, you may ask? This is Roadside Marty!

One of my favorite things about attending any Horse event is getting to see Roadside again.

At last year's Smoke Out east, we had torrential rain storms on the first night, forcing us to cut the stage power to prevent any sort of electrical meltdowns. Did that stop the wet T-shirt contest from going on? Hell no. Roadside jumped up on stage and shouted his lungs out over hundreds of rowdy bikers to keep the thing going, coaxing the young and impressionable girls out from the crowd and on to the stage.

Way to go Roadside!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

R.I.P. Doug "Dragon" Drake.

Dragon was with The Horse for a long time as a board moderator, and we did several deals with him for parts, always a straight up guy. He will be sorely missed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Daytona Details

From last years Bike Week in Daytona.

The re-worked fat bobs (or fat bob?) tank on Boston Mike's bike ruled(s).

This is Doug Wothke's bag, the one he carried behind him on his Panhead chopper when he rode it around the world. Everything you need to get by for 4 months, packed lovingly in a canvas sack.

Dig on them roses!
Ricky Lewis's "Time Machine" bike.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is Onika, from our 2010 Calendar. She was a blast to shoot....

She had just gotten her "new boobs" just a few months before the shoot, and wasn't afraid to show em off. Quite eager to do so, actually.

In the background there you can see a cement mixing machine. We were shooting at this concrete crushing/mixing place down the road from the office, and pretty much all the workers came to a complete stop once we started shooting. I had to keep moving around to crop out the old dudes with their mouths wide open.

At one point she just turned around and whipped out her titties for the guys. Usually, the models will tense up or get all weird if there are too many dudes around watching, but once in a while... once in a while you'll get one like Onika.

Show em' if ya got em'!

Smoke Out West 2010

Smoke Out West in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, 2010. Just a taste of what never made it into the mag. Dig it.

The kids go crazy for free "swag"

Brother Roadside

2011 Horse Calendar

The new 2011 Calendars are out and they kick ass! Changed things up this year and included shots from Chopper Dave, Jack Griswell, and of course the Horse Staff. Pick one up today!