Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is Onika, from our 2010 Calendar. She was a blast to shoot....

She had just gotten her "new boobs" just a few months before the shoot, and wasn't afraid to show em off. Quite eager to do so, actually.

In the background there you can see a cement mixing machine. We were shooting at this concrete crushing/mixing place down the road from the office, and pretty much all the workers came to a complete stop once we started shooting. I had to keep moving around to crop out the old dudes with their mouths wide open.

At one point she just turned around and whipped out her titties for the guys. Usually, the models will tense up or get all weird if there are too many dudes around watching, but once in a while... once in a while you'll get one like Onika.

Show em' if ya got em'!

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  1. how's about a peek of those brand new naked boobs?