Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Markesa on the assembly line

One of the few nice things about having our magazine based in the Detroit area is that we've got some great locations to shoot around.

These photos are from our February 2010 issue, #95. We shot Brent's "Long Road Shovel" in this old Ford assembly plant on the south side of the city. It had been abandoned for quite some time, and at least half of the building was condemned and full of broken glass and rubble.

At the time, the show "motor city motors" was being filmed in the same building, so there were security guards and expensive cameras and hollywood types walking around in big fur coats sipping moca choka latte's.

It was surreal to be in a building where we had to quite literally dodge the bits of falling roof as we danced around a camera tripod trying to grab the best shots of this babe as we could.

Sure was fun though!


  1. Jordan.. Those are neat shots! You need to talk Hammer into doing a once a year special of “What it takes to shoot a Bike” or something like that. I always look beyond (hard to do sometimes) the pretty ladies and bikes to see what’s in the background. For example the shot with the Horse trailer in the background and all the lights it takes is cool, nuthing wrong with the rest either!!

  2. i know exactly where this was shot...we road there a few times to hang with the d-bros