Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A little slice of X-mas on the door step

It always feels like Christmas morning whenever the new issues arrive on the doorstep of the Horse World Headquarters. All of the time and effort we put into bringing this magazine together finally pays off when we're holding it's printed form in our hands. And this issue is no exception...We've got some stellar photos from Eric Gorges on Warren Jr's "Miklo" bike

Not to mention Dawn Rosa Cole's coverage of a Love Cycles bike from the Born Free show last summer.

Also, our very own Globe Trotting Doug Wothke give us an update on his ride atop his Shovelhead bobber through the Middle East... Who does that? If you don't know about Doug yet, read his story, dudes the real deal.

If XS650's are your thing, you'll want to scope out the race inspired "Chicken Salad" bike in this issue--the suspension on the seat is nuts!

And anybody who's ever heard anything about the story behind Eric Barnett's failed stampede Buell will want to pick up this issue... lets just say its back on the road and way better than ever. Charlie wrote the words for it, and oh yeah-- there's a wheelie picture in there to beat the band.

And of course the rest of the issue is jam packed with other bike features and tech articles and artwork and general radness that you won't want to miss out on. You can expect to see them on news stands by the end of this week or early next week, or you can go to our website and Grip up one today!


  1. once I find a job again, I am going to have to subscribe...its mid month at the earliest before the Walmart 50 miles away gets the new issues in, and the one store out here in the hills that carries it only gets it about 3rd week of the month. gotta keep the monkey from becoming a gorilla on my back. great looking blog Jordan...good work!!

  2. looking good jordan thanks bud

  3. my wife got me a sub. for xmas after buying the rag religiously.didn't show up (4-6 weeks) so i took matters in my own hands went and grabbed one from the 7=11 after reading realized it was the feb issue.got the shirt rag didn't come when it does i'll have 2 febs issues thats if it ever does. i will have to back order jan.ha